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Caleb Ledley Garage

NAME: Caleb Ledley
LOCATION: Columbus, OH
STYLE: Multi-Style, Surreal



My Name is Caleb Ledley and thanks for checking out my Garage. If you’re looking at this you probably want to know more about me and why I’m here, well let’s get into it. I’ve been tattooing since 2013 and I currently tattoo at Memento Tattoo and Gallery in Columbus Ohio. I’ve been there close three years now. I’m originally from Ohio but moved in my early teens to a town in Illinois on the Indiana border for my Dad’s work.

It was extremely difficult for me to find a Tattoo apprenticeship in those parts, but I was able to find one in Indiana when I was 25. Tattooing and creating art has always been my passion, it’s what I’ve always been drawn to be a part of.

So there’s a little bit about me and tattooing, so why am I here with Inked Soul? I’m here because I believe in what Inked Soul is about. Too many times people with mental disorders or people that are going through turmoil get overlooked and suicide is a conversation that gets brushed aside. I should know, my wife who I was with for 13 years took her life in 2018, after a life filled with tragedies and mental illness. I’m here for her and to try and help in ways that I couldn’t do for her.

When Inked Soul reached out to me I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I was also at the time trying to start a nonprofit in memory of my late wife, not only to help those with mental illness but to also help those that love, take care of, and live alongside them. I want to try and help those that get burnt out along the way. Being a caregiver to a loved one is not easy and it takes a toll. You want to be the best you can be for your loved one, but the mental illness also affects you and runs you down no matter how hard you try to fight it. Since I’ve been in that place I haven’t found anything available to help those cope and work through the challenges it takes to be a caregiver, and that’s something I think can change and I think alongside Inked Soul and their mission is totally attainable.


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