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Dago Dane Garage

NAME: Dago Dane
LOCATION: Murrieta, CA
STYLE: Black & Grey, So-Cal



Dago Dane was born and raised in the heart of San Diego - Paradise Hills. As a small child, Dane began his love for art, drawing, cars and motorcycles. This passion evolved into a love for tattooing.

His tattoo career started at the young age of 21. From becoming an apprentice, cleaning stations and setting up for other artists, to obtaining his own station at The Lower Left Tribal Gear studio - Dane's passion has only increased through the years. Since then, Dane has traveled the world and shared his tattoo art across the continents.

Dane's love of cars, motorcycles, and low riding has become pivotal in his tattoo art. This love has also found another outlet - metal engraving. Dane started Dago Dane Engraving in 2018. This allows him to imprint his art not only on skin but on metal as well.The ability to share his passion with others through tattooing and engraving provides Dane the fulfillment most of us strive for in our careers.


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