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Edmar Ramirez Garage

NAME: Edmar Ramirez
STYLE: Lettering

My name is Edmar Ramirez, tattooer out of San Diego Ca, at the Lower Left. I did my first tattoo in 2011, but I professionally for about 7 years. I specialize in lettering tattoos of all styles. I started making art since as early is I can remember, maybe kindergarten. I was always drawing, drawing, drawing. School wasn’t the easiest for me, but art was my way to free my mind. Even as a young kid, my teachers would bribe me to get my school work done, And would let me get 10 minutes of free drawing everyday towards the end all class, & that’s all I looked forward to. Art means the world to me not only giving me the opportunity to provide for my family but just let go, get lost in it & free myself. I feel deep connection to the Inked Souls mission to raise awareness & prevent suicide, unfortunately we’ve all probably been affected by it whether we had our own evil thoughts, or lost a good friend or family member. You/We’re not alone & if I can hop on board and somehow help or save 1 person, this will all be worth it! Thanks y’all 🙏🏽
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