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Gady Tattoo Garage

NAME: Gady Tattoo

I have been tattooing since 2002, originally from Puerto Rico, where I owned a Tattoo Shop for 12 years. I started in art since I was little, it was something that filled and shaped many feelings, expressing it with something visual. That same feeling led me to do a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the same time that I started my career as a tattoo artist, it was a great complement in my personal growth. I had the opportunity to take my works to murals around Puerto Rico for 3 years, it opened different paths in the arts. In 2017, Hurricane Maria changed the destination, which took me to Florida, where I could expand my knowledge and experiences, the trajectory brought me to Chicago where I am currently in the process of growth and expansion, which is something that never ends.
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Gady Tattoo - HER - Art Print

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Gady Tattoo - Focus - Tumbler

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Gady Tattoo - HER - Tumbler

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Gady Tattoo - HER - Framed Art

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