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Jordan Campbell Garage

NAME: Jordan Campbell
STYLE: Black & Grey


Jordan owns and tattoos out of Carousel Tattoo & Barbershop in Niagara, Ontario Canada.  He has been tattooing since 2012.  Jordan began tattooing out of a street shop which forced him to become a versatile artist, proficient in a variety of tattoo styles. While his preferred style of tattooing is fine line black and grey, most of the art he produces outside of actual tattoos falls into the neotraditional category.   

Jordan has experienced the impact and effects of mental illness and suicide throughout his life both within his own family and his friends.  Prior to tattooing Jordan obtained a degree in theology and social work in the hopes of doing something to help others.  Throughout the years Jordan has noticed that tattooing can often serve as a healing mechanism and create opportunities for open honest dialogue with his clients to discuss issues surrounding mental health and suicide.  Jordan has made it a goal of his to create an open and safe shop environment that fosters such dialogue in a safe non-judgemental atmosphere.  Since opening his own shop in 2017 Jordan has also organized various fundraisers to support local mental health and community care initiatives. 
Joining the Inked Soul Team is one more way Jordan hopes to help others and create productive dialogue and support for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  Each design was created with careful thought and emotion. 

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