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Jordan Rose Garage

NAME: Jordan Rose
STYLE: Black and Grey
Jordan Rose is a tattoo artist in the “Rino art district” of Denver, Colorado at a shop called Urban Element Tattoo. She is in her third year of tattooing and specializes in black and grey florals, nature, and witchy-themed, darker tattoos. As much as Jordan doesn’t like to tattoo color, a lot of her artwork is colorful or at least has some pops of color, and ranges from a few different styles.

Prior to tattooing, Jordan got her degree in Psychology from a school out in Denver right out of high school after losing multiple friends in a short 6 months to suicide, and even briefly worked a job of Suicide prevention.

Jordan wants to work with Inked Soul to reach more people and show that she is someone her clients, fellow tattooers, or anyone at all, can talk to about their struggles. She appreciates and agrees with the mission of Inked Soul and cannot wait to contribute to bridging the gap with Suicide and seeking help.
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