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Keith Kiernan Garage

NAME: Keith Kiernan

I am so honored to be on the inked soul team and contribute to the cause of suicide awareness. Growing up I faced a lot of inner demons myself and went through moments where I had suicidal thoughts. I’ve grown a lot over the years and being an artist was my only safe haven and outlet that helped me get through it. 

I later found tattooing as a calling. I started my apprenticeship when I was 21 and I am 33 now. I struggled a lot in my apprenticeship and faced a lot of my inner demons again and again. Yet I didn’t give up and tattooing has shown me to take initiative and remember humility. My mentors in the industry were hard on me but I owe it to them because I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. Yet I know you get out of this what you put in and I’m always having to remind myself of that and stay hungry and eager and have the respect for the people I work with and work for. Without my clients I would not be a tattoo artist, and without my drive I would not have my clients. I care about what I put into this, and as a team artist of inked soul I want to give back to the community and show those out there that do struggle with mental health, just know that you are not alone and there are people that care and are willing to listen because all life has value. Success and happiness doesn’t come easy but it’s worth it in the end. Just don’t give up and you will go farther than you would dream to in life! I have full faith in this cause and the inked soul team. 

Thank you again for this opportunity and for appreciating my artwork. I am gratified and I look forward to contributing to the suicide awareness cause.
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