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Newschoolenko Max Garage

NAME: Newschoolenko Max
STYLE: Realism, Neotraditional



Hi, my name is Max. I am from Ukraine.

I have been tattooing for 4 years now. I mainly work in the realism, neotraditional style and love the combination of the two.

I always liked the thought of having a lot of tattoos. But the fact that I would be a tattoo artist I could not even imagine. After graduating from Law University, I realized that I don't like it at all. Then I worked as a salesman for several years, then worked as a builder. I realized that I should do what brings me pleasure and gives meaning to my life. I started tattooing at home, after half a year I got a job in a tattoo studio, and after another year my girlfriend and I opened our own studio.

Tattoos are my main love, but I love to do everything related to drawing. I paint with acrylics on walls and on canvases, I recently became interested in digital Art.

Our studio, Newschoolenko Team, has become our home where we create. We make tattoos, paint on clothes, paint with acrylic and oil, sometimes we paint walls. We do everything that is worth living for - for the sake of art.

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