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Nicole Elisa Garage

NAME: Nicole Elisa
STYLE: Multi-Style, Neo-Traditional



Nicole is a tattoo artist near Columbus Ohio at Grey Stone Tattoo Company. She has been tattooing for 4 years. Prior to tattooing she studied science and art and has a degree in Biological Science and classes in Fine Art.

The transition from painter to tattoo artist gives her style of tattooing a hint of realism that is well thought out. She loves to create colorful designs that are inspired by nature or anything organic. From flowers and bugs to outer space and planets the possibilities are endless.

Nicole’s mission in working with Inked Soul is to help create a better environment for clients who may be struggling with depression and/or anxiety. As a tattoo artist she notices that there are times clients feel comfortable to talk with her about something they may be struggling with or the sensitive meaning of a tattoo. This can lead to an open and safe conversation about methods for self love and growth. Being able to speak about Inked Soul’s contribution to suicide prevention organizations is another way for her to help.


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