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Seth Alexander Garage

NAME: Seth Alexander
LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ
STYLE: American Tranditional



Seth Alexander Cunningham found his place in art at a very young age. "It wasn’t even a choice, it was the only thing that held my interest and gave me a true sense of accomplishment.”

He attended technical college at age 16 studying graphic design and computer animation. By 18 he was studying fine art in traditional college, which soon led to a tattoo apprenticeship in his home state of Arizona.

Now at 22 years of tattooing Seth has learned to trust and respect timeless, traditional tattoo applications. "Fads come and go, nothing keeps me up at night more than seeing a dated, irrelevant tattoo that is faded and just plain ugly due to lack of knowledge and experience on a client that has placed their trust in me".

His choices are deeply rooted in history, culture, tradition, and professional experience. "I admire a classic, and hope to do my part in sharing that love with others".

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