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Tha Kuya Garage

NAME: Tha Kuya
STYLE: Polynesian



Ron “Tha Kuya” Galido is a co-owner and tattoo artist of the Goodlife Tattoo Shop located in San Diego, California. Tha Kuya has been an artist for seventeen years.

His career started from humble beginnings. He is a self taught artist. Trying to start his career, he would tattoo at house parties, tattoo parties, etc. in order to get his artwork into the world. He never thought much of tattooing and didn’t see it as a career path. Tha Kuya simply started to tattoo out of his garage just as a hobby, all the while working three jobs. He never would’ve thought his passion would take him around the world and most importantly provide for his family. Above all else, he wants to be known for his faith in Christ.

Tha Kuya doesn’t think of his job as tattooing, but as a means to minister to others. His sole motivation is to spread the gospel. He is able to share his life, testimony, and relationship with Jesus. He hopes to shed light in dark places and give hope to those in need.

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