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Apply For A Garage


Inked Soul is on a mission to save lives. As an Artist, we believe you have the chance every day to directly save lives in your chair.  Inked Soul believes YOU have a major role in positively impacting suicide rates.
We want you to be a part of our mission

Become an Inked Soul Artist

As an Inked Soul Artist, you will handpick some of your original artwork that you would like to share with the world to be in your own personal Artist Garage. From there, our customers can choose high quality products to have your artwork on while you collect 10% of the proceeds. This is a great opportunity to showcase your art, have some extra cash flow, all while doing it for a great cause! You will drive traffic to your own Garage by referring your fans and followers to your Garage by posting on social media and updating your website using links that direct them to your Garage on the Inked Soul website.

What We Do.

Inked Soul produces and fulfills orders from your Garage, you will be paid a flat rate per product from each of these sales.  In addition to your product sales, we will equip you as an Artist with easy steps of what to say and do if you ever come across someone that seems like they need help. We are working with our partners to develop resources to aid in suicide prevention while donating part of the proceeds to these charities.


We have a limited number of slots available – we do this in order to keep the page refined and allow more exposure for our artists.

Applications will be considered based on genres needed for a well-rounded offering as well as availability for a garage.



After submitting your application, a member of our Inked Soul team will be reaching out with what the next steps of the process will be.



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