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Artist Garage Video

Your Artist Garage Video is an extremely important part of our website. 

These videos do not need to be perfect.  We are looking for a sincere, honest video that really captures who you are as an artist, why you want to be part of Inked Soul, and your personal connection to our Mission.

Here are some basics to help you get started with creating your video:



--> Framing

  • Make sure your phone is set to film in Landscape mode
  • Shoot your video against a blank wall, seated
  • If you want a background, some alternative ideas: hang up fabric behind you to serve as a backdrop, film in front of a window with a view to the outdoors, find a quiet place outdoors

--> Stability

  • Make sure your camera is stable.  Place it directly in front of your filming location, so that you will be in the center of the frame
  • You can use a tripod to keep the camera position, or get creative by setting up something to rest the phone on while it is recording

--> Lighting

  • Always face the lighting source
  • Your lighting source can be a large window with natural light (shoot during the day)
  • Or if available, you can use an artificial lighting source such as a light ring, which are affordable on Amazon

--> Audio

  • Make sure the space you are filming in is as quiet as possible to reduce background noise
  • Use a microphone to record rather than relying on your phones audio to pick up.  There are affordable options on amazon, and you can also use a hands-free calling set if available

--> Content

  • Your video is an extremely important part of your artist garage. This video will allow potential customers to virtually meet you and build an emotional connection to your portfolio of artwork.  Be sure and check out Artist Garage Videos at inkedsoul.com for inspiration and to follow the template already in place:

VIDEO 1  - this video should contain a continuous video of your interview portion.  Please use the prompts below.

1. Introduction - Introduce yourself and talk about your background
  • Where are you located?
  • What studio do you work at?
  • When did you start making art?
  • Why did you start making art?
  • What purpose does art serve in your life?

2. Inked Soul - Your connection to us

  • Why did you join Inked Soul?
  • Do you have a personal connection to our mission?
  • Why do you think what we are doing is important?

 VIDEO 2-3 - these videos can be detail shots of you working, your studio space, your artwork, or anything else you feel relevant.  Please make sure these videos are sent separately from the interview portion.

Length of Video: Please keep the interview portion of your video under 3 minutes.