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Seth Alexander - Americana Panther - iPhone Case


Size | iPhone 5


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Seth Alexander - Americana Panther - iPhone Case



iPhone 5

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      "Study in minimal and efficient color usage and line weight based on scale for tattooing. Most opinions on tattoo art are exactly that, an opinion. Experience, practice, and observation, allow us some facts. One of which is efficiency is the most effective way to minimize discomfort. More importantly bold,simple, properly sized tattoos typically are more visually impactful and maintain their integrity in skin far better than most other tattoo applications. Most people have heard the saying "Bold will hold!" I frequently hear this being said with (to put gently) an heir of arrogance, but it is based in humility, an example of coming to terms with the physical boundaries of our mediums. Common panther symbolism= honor and valor" - Seth Alexander



       Ultra slim, impact resistant dual-layer protection.

      Lay-flat bezel protects your screen from direct contact with surfaces.

      Simple snap assembly protects your phone in seconds, while providing direct access to all device features, sensors & ports.

      Sublimation printing process producing a high quality image that won't scratch, peel or fade away over time

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